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About Us

Our Mission

With the rising cost of weddings, couples everywhere are looking for alternative and creative ways to have the wedding of their dreams while staying on budget. Beautifauxl Cakes display cakes offer brides the opportunity to have an exquisite cake on display during the reception and in their pictures but at a fraction of the cost. After the "cake cutting" the cake will be wheeled out of the ballroom and a serving cake will be cut and presented to your guest. The best part is your guests will never know!

Most rental cakes and custom cake designs come with a hidden slit so a knife may be inserted into the "cake" for pictures, giving the illusion of a traditional cake cutting. Beautifauxl Cakes include options for personalization by adding colored ribbon, flowers, or accents that coordinate with your design. Custom made display cakes and cake toppers are also available for purchase. Delivery, set up, and pick up available for the Long Island area.

About Our Product

Beautifauxl cakes are created with fondant, royal icing and sugar paste, just as with a traditional cake. All elements and techniques found on a Beautifauxl Cake would be used on a traditional, edible wedding cake. This ensures that every display cake looks exactly like the real thing. Beautifauxl Cakes is aslo partnered with Park Bake Shop, to provide a full service wedding cake experience.

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